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Over the weekend, I added two new Utility templates to the project, taken from other wikimedia sites. As with any utility template, these should make it easier for chroniclers to mark articles that need work and place the articles in categories so that other editors can find them.


The first new template is {{Merge}}. When placed in an article, it looks like this:

Merge-arrows.gif It has been suggested that this article or section be merged with Example. (Discuss)

This alerts editors to the fact that some or all of the page's content might be a better fit on another existing article. It also adds the page to Category:Articles to be merged.


The {{Update}} template should be placed at the top of articles which are out of date. This includes any lists which do not incorporate all known sources, articles for which new content has been added in a canon source, or articles which are no longer up-to-date in world (such as one which states "ten years ago" when it's actually been sixteen years due to the progression of time in-world. Whenever you add this template to an article, be sure to start a discussion on the missing information so that other editors know how to help. If you edit a page with this template and complete the requested update, remove the template. The template appears as follows:

This page contains outdated information and needs to be updated. Refer to the discussion page.

If you are adding this to a page which is transcluded in another article, such as a template or subpage, be sure to use the <noinclude></noinclude> html tags around the template so that it is added to Category:Pages that need to be updated while avoiding unsightly transclusion of the Update template itself.

Chroniclers who aren't sure where to start should check out the two categories linked to above, since these, along with Special:WantedPages, Special:LonelyPages, and Category:Stubs, are a great place to find small tasks you can do to contribute to the site without writing lots of new content or committing to large, ongoing projects.

As always, feel free to leave me a message in my talk page or on the discussions for any of the templates themselves with any questions or suggestions.

I've just added another helpful, utility template: {{Move}}. Full documentation on this template's use is located on the template page. —Yoda8myhead (talk) Sat, 19 Dec 2009 01:28:50 +0000