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I'm VestOfHolding and I'm an avid Pathfinder player from Portland, OR. I'm also a programmer and you can generally find me working on all kinds of projects that involve data analysis and verification, and trying to make the vast information ocean that is Pathfinder more accessible to new players.

Current projects

  • Investigating this newly published region called "outside". Results so far are mixed.

Completed Projects

  • Correcting the main Module page and all individual Module pages for their level ranges.
  • Double checking some of the population numbers after a question was raised about global population statistics on the Pathfinder_RPG subreddit. Even found a few settlements where Paizo made a math error.
  • Updating all Module pages to have the summary information from the back cover at least.

Contact Me

The most reliable way to find me is on the Discord for this wiki, though finding me on Reddit (same username, "VestOfHolding") works just as well.