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My name is Lyle Hayhurst. I'm 'sozin ' on the pathfinder boards. ('sozin' was taken here, so I grabbed the inverse, "nizos".) I'm presently DMing the Council of Thieves Adventure Path, and so my edits are probably going to be focused on that content. I'm an old-skool D&D player; played my first game in 1981 and have played all editions since then.

Besides D&D, my other game is chess, where I am a A/Expert class player.

For my day job I am the Chief Technology Officer at DRW Trading , a proprietary trading firm based out of Chicago with offices in New York and London.


My day job overwhelmed my life and I haven't done a bunch of edits in a while. But I'm back and am going to start pumping out edits again. Yay!

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