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... 'cause I think we eats more than spinach.

Things are looking up!

I have to applaud those that have stuck with this project through times of growth and stagnant periods alike; Pathfinder Wiki was begun in the hopes of building a comprehensive database of Pathfinder lore, and things have come a long way since our start. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say what keeps me coming back isn't just a love of the setting, but the hope that others will make use of and benefit from our work here.

Building such a project can often be an unforgiving task, and sometimes it's easy to wonder if anyone other than our fellow chroniclers will ever even see what we accomplish here. Several of us have been hoping that with the launch of the Pathfinder RPG drawing ever closer our little corner of the internet would become more active, and by all accounts it is. We've seen an explosion of new content, much of it coming from newcomers to our ranks. Mark's launched the CSII, and we see more of the project completed each day. And then when I log in tonight to check today's activity I notice something I had missed to this point; our readership's not only growing, but it's up by 60%. In fact we fall just behind one of the larger upcoming MMO titles in such growth, Champions Online. And Pathfinder's yet to have its official debut.

So I want to say thanks to everyone for all the hard work. By all accounts things are going to keep picking up around here. Let's make sure our seat backs and tray tables are in the upright position, and don't lose track of those d20s; we've still got a lot to do, and I think our ride's just beginning.

-- HA

Could it be as easy as adding it to

Category:Upcoming Role-Playing Games, Category:Upcoming Games, or Template:Current events/Releases ? —Cpt kirstov (talk) Wed, 22 Jul 2009 16:26:09 +0000

not yet... wasn't sure if there were other policies for editing the main games namespace —Cpt kirstov (talk) Fri, 24 Jul 2009 11:13:52 +0000
That's a very good question; we'll have to do some looking into it. —Heaven's Agent (talk) Wed, 22 Jul 2009 07:14:01 +0000
I did some checking, and Template:Current events/Releases has nothing to do with the sidebar. Nor, apparently, do categories; Aion doesn't even have an article on Wikia Gaming to add categories to.

I'm trying to get in touch with the network Admins, but so far I've had no response. That said, I'll keep trying. —Heaven's Agent (talk) Fri, 24 Jul 2009 15:20:53 +0000

Time for an update.

I've yet to find a Wikia Admin that knows how to add an item to the Upcoming Releases box, and those I've asked have been unresponsive when I ask if they have any ideas who might.

That said, I did do some work along these lines. I created a brief article for Pathfinder RPG on the Central Gaming Wiki. I also added the release date to Releases Template and a news item to the Current Events Page. The last item should also appear on the main page of Wikia Gaming's Main Page. —Heaven's Agent (talk) Wed, 29 Jul 2009 21:51:49 +0000

Wow! Seeing that almost literally brings a tear to my eye. We should totally pimp that on the Paizo boards and see if that brings readership to even higher. Now how do we get Pathfinder RPG listed in the Upcoming Releases box? —Yoda8myhead (talk) Wed, 22 Jul 2009 06:12:51 +0000
Maybe. Have you tried that? —Yoda8myhead (talk) Fri, 24 Jul 2009 02:21:57 +0000
I just noticed that the What's Hot banner has updated and we're not listed any more. Laaaame. Let's see if we show back up after Thursday's big release. —Yoda8myhead (talk) Wed, 12 Aug 2009 06:51:02 +0000