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Source: Monsters of Myth, pg(s). 114–119

Ulgrem-Axaan is an amphibious beast corrupted centuries ago by pollution of undeath in Geb into an unliving force of cunning vengeance that has mercilessly terrorized undead in the region since. Its name roughly translates to "Last of the Ulgrem". in Necril1


Once a creature of the Axanir River, Ulgrem-Axaan's original form is lost to time. It was corrupted by the runoff of undeath from Geb's blood farms, which included masses of undead flesh from corpses, discarded zombies, and other byproducts, processed offal, and sewage.1

The pollution destroyed the river's ecosystem and permeated the land with undead corruption, and Ulgrem-Axaan was its last survivor, outliving its own mate and children. It died after attempting to flee, and after five nights it arose as a white-eyed undead monstrosity fully consumed by a need for vengeance against any and all undead creatures.1


As Ulgrem-Axaan leaves few survivors and attacks, and fewer who see it coming for them, descriptions of its appearance are sparse. Most converge on a few traits: a massive, scaled serpentine or crocodilian form covered in cyrstals of ice that pulse with black liquid suspended within. Its flesh rots, and its bones are ridged and spiked. Accounts describe its eyes as having an unnatural and baleful intelligence.1

Its body is composed of five creatures' worth of flesh that the beast reshapes at will into forms that suit its current objectives, from its most common crocodilian form to as far as becoming fish-like.1


The beast possesses tremendous strength but also supernatural cunning. It sets and baits traps with disjointed piles of corpse parts and treasures, sets blockades, lays siege to camps and villages, engages in guerilla attack tactics, turns mortal adventurers against its undead foes, and kills and stages the deaths of others — including innocents — in order to cover its tracks or shift suspicion away from it.1

Its body is electrically charged, and it can channel that electricity into prey through contact with its tail.1


Ulgrem-Axaan limits its range to the frozen mountains and wastes of the Shattered Range and Graydirge. Theories suggest the beast might have been female and laid a clutch of corrupted eggs that it attempts to preserve by keeping them in such cold environs. If true, such eggs would be delicate and require ritual cleansing before they could hatch; such offspring would be designated Ulgrem-Lurann, or "Children of Ulgrem", in Necril.1


While the beast cannot speak, it can understand Wildsong and Necril. It instinctively defers to any druids it encounters that it senses might be able to help cleanse it and its home of corruption.1