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The Ukabalimeli-Bara is a large region of the town of Elokolobha, located far to the east, in the boundary of the Screaming Jungle in the Mwangi Expanse. It is the territory of the Graveborn tribe, led by Ukabalimeli the Manslayer, which is one of the Eloko tribes that inhabit the town. Perhaps the oldest part of the city, Ukabalimeli-Bara contains half-carved towers, temples, bridges, and barricades. The most impressive of these structures is Eastblock, a massive wedge of carved stone. Inside its hollow walls, a 1,000-foot-tall staircase permits entrance to the city without the need to climb the dangerous crags. Other important structures in Ukabalimeli-Bara are the Temple of Withering, the Fallen Gate, and a massive tower called Coldblock.1


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