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Throneglass is a form of magically treated, green-tinted glass as strong as steel. All throneglass originates from a single massive sheet produced for the Azlanti Imperial Palace in the City of Golden Gates as a skylight, a feature that became famous during the empire's height.1 A direct meteor strike during Earthfall razed the structure to the ground and shattered the skylight; years later, the survivors recovered the surviving shards and used some to forge weapons.2

Crafting weapons

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Most throneglass forged into new items is used to make melee weapons, though theoretically the material could be used for other purposes. Such weapons provide defenses against mental attacks and influences. If its wielder manages to resist such a power, the weapon stores the residual energy within itself. Anytime a weapon with such energy stored within itself harms a creature, it suffuses the victim with a disruptive field that interferes with their ability to use magic.2

The most proficient producers and wielders of throneglass weapons were the Knights of the Ioun Star.2


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