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The {{RPG Superstar}} infobox is for use in articles about the RPG Superstar contest. All parameters except for "year" are optional and can be left blank, though it is preferred to include as many as possible. If undefined, these optional parameters will not appear as part of the template.


{{RPG Superstar
| image  = 
| year   = 
| winner = 
| module = 
| judges = 
| last   = 
| next   = 


RPG Superstar
Promotional logo for RPG Superstar 2009
(RPG Superstar)
{{RPG Superstar
| image  = [[File:RPG Superstar 2009 logo.jpg|250px|Promotional logo for RPG Superstar 2009]]
| year   = 2009
| winner = [[Neil Spicer]]
| module = ''[[Realm of the Fellnight Queen]]''
| judges = [[Wolfgang Baur]]<br />[[Clark Peterson]]<br />[[Sean K Reynolds]]
| last   = 2008
| next   = 2010


image (optional)
The RPG Superstar logo for this year's contest.
The year of the contest.
winner (optional)
The linked name of the winner of the contest.
module (optional)
The linked name of the winner's upcoming module.
judges (optional)
The linked names of the contest's judging panel.
last (optional)
The year of the previous contest.
next (optional)
The year of the next contest.