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{{External}} transcludes the text "Externally hosted image" when used. It can optionally insert the HTML necessary to display an externally hosted image at its remote host, and can also link to its source. This denotes images which may not be available under the Community Use Policy but are nevertheless available elsewhere on the web legally.


| image  = 
| width  = 
| source = 

All parameters are optional.

image (optional)
The full URL to the image, such as http://pathfinderwiki.com/mediawiki/images/4/4b/Wikilogo.png
width (optional)
The image's width. While optional, this parameter is strongly recommended if using image.
source (optional)
If present, the transcluded text will be linked to any URL entered in this parameter.


| image  = https://pathfinderwiki.com/w/images/4/4b/Wikilogo.png
| width  = 100px
| source = https://pathfinderwiki.com

Externally hosted image

Notes on usage

It is strongly recommended that chroniclers avoid using external images without first:

  • checking if an appropriate image covered by the Community Use Policy is available; if so, use it instead whenever possible
  • getting the artist's permission to place their externally hosted image on PathfinderWiki
  • linking to the image's source using the source parameter