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A fungal janni.

Murder, Undead
Source: Core Rulebook, pg(s). 42-43

{{Domain}} is for use in articles about any of the domains of divine magic in the Pathfinder campaign setting. It is not for use in articles about subdomains. The parameters (except name) are optional; if left undefined they will not appear. This template has been stripped down to include only essential crunchy statistics. All other crunchy details should be omitted.


See right for an example. This was created using:

| name       = Death
| image      = [[File:Fungal janni.jpg|250px|A fungal janni.]]
| deities    = [[Norgorber]], [[Pharasma]], [[Urgathoa]], [[Zon-Kuthon]]
| subdomains = Murder, Undead
| source     = [[Core Rulebook]]
| page       = 42-43


| name       = 
| image      =
| deities    = 
| subdomains = 
| source     = 
| page       = 


name (optional)
The name of the domain.
image (optional)
An image representing the domain. The recommended size is 250px, but if larger, the image should scale to fit the template.
deities (optional)
Links to deities who grant powers from this domain.
subdomains (optional)
Each domain has two or more subdomains as defined since the Advanced Player's Guide.
source (optional)
The sourcebook in which the domain is given the most comprehensive treatment.
page (optional)
The page number of the school's entry in said source.