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{{Creditsopen}} creates the header for a sortable, styled table designed for documenting published works on real-world biography pages. For actors' performances, use {{Actor-creditsopen}}.

After adding {{Creditsopen}}, create table rows for these three columns, from left: Title, Date, and Volume (Page) (for {{Creditsopen}}) or Role (for {{Actor-creditsopen}}). Use the {{sort}} template to help sort titles that begin with unsorted articles, such as A or The, and to sort using numeric dates in the format YYMM.




| "Alushinyrra: The Porphyry City" || {{sort|1312}}December 2013 || align="center" | [[The Midnight Isles|PF76]] (70)
| "Before Sin" || {{sort|1211}}November 2012 || align="center" | [[Beyond the Doomsday Door|PF64]] (62) 
Title Date Notes
"Alushinyrra: The Porphyry City" 1312December 2013 PF76 (70)
"Before Sin" 1211November 2012 PF64 (62)
See also: Category:Works by Creditsopen
| {{sort|Burnt Offerings}}"[[Burnt Offerings (Pathfinder Legends)|Burnt Offerings]]" || {{sort|1403}}March 2014 || align="center" | [[Valeros]]
| {{sort|Skinsaw Murders}}"[[The Skinsaw Murders (Pathfinder Legends)|The Skinsaw Murders]]" || {{sort|1405}}May 2014 || align="center" | [[Valeros]]
Title Date Role
Burnt Offerings"Burnt Offerings" 1403March 2014 Valeros
Skinsaw Murders"The Skinsaw Murders" 1405May 2014 Valeros
See also: Category:Audio by Creditsopen

You can also use the {{Credit}} template to generate the table rows. See {{Credit/doc}} for details.

{{Credit|Blood of Angels|July|2012|BoA}}
| article = "Chupacabra"
| book    = Mystery Monsters Revisited
| month   = December
| year    = 2012
| abbreviation = MMR
{{Creditsclose|Amber E. Scott}}
Title Date Notes
Blood of Angels 1207 July 2012 BoA
"Chupacabra" 1212 December 2012 Mystery Monsters Revisited.
See also: Category:Works by Amber E. Scott