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{{Adventure overview}} is for use in any article about an adventure or module relating to the Pathfinder campaign setting. This includes Pathfinder Modules, Pathfinder Adventure Path issues, and Pathfinder Society and Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild scenarios.


{{Adventure overview
| level1    = 
| level2    = 
| level3    = 
| type1     = 
| type2     = 
| location1 = 
| location2 = 
| pfs       = 
| faction1  = 
| faction2  = 


level1 .. n (optional)
The levels this adventure can be run at: level1 = 5th, level2 = 6th, etc. 1st through 20th accepted.
type1 .. n (optional)
The types of dungeon this adventure offers. Current allowed values are:
  • Dungeon
  • Event
  • Infiltration
  • Journey
  • RPG Superstar
  • Urban
  • Wilderness
location1 .. n (optional)
A list of locations this adventure takes place in, in ascending order of size (dungeon, town, region, continent, etc.).
pfs (optional)
If this is a Pathfinder Society (second edition) scenario, enter any value for this attribute. Otherwise, omit this attribute.
faction1 .. n (optional)
If this is a Pathfinder Society (second edition) scenario, enter the name of one faction for each attribute: faction1 = Shadow Lodge, faction2 = Osirion, etc. You can enter any faction that is documented in PathfinderWiki with an article using the naming convention F (faction), where F is the name of the faction.

Automated Categories

level1 .. n
If leveln is defined, add "Category:LEVEL level adventures" for each entry. If pfs is defined by any value, the first and last leveln also define the tier, in the form of "Category:Tier LEVEL1-LEVELn scenarios". For example, if level1 = 1st and level5 = 5th, this categorizes the scenario as Category:Tier 1-5 scenarios.
type1 .. n
If typen is defined, add "Category:TYPE adventures" for each entry.
location1 .. n
If locationn is defined, add "Category:Adventures in LOCATION" for each entry. If pfs is defined by any value, add "Category:Pathfinder Society scenarios set in LOCATION" for each entry.
faction1 .. n
If pfs is defined by any value and factionn is defined, add "Category:FACTION scenarios" for each entry.


{{Adventure overview
| pfs       = yes
| location1 = Puddles
| location2 = Absalom
| level1 = 1st
| level2 = 2nd
| level3 = 3rd
| level4 = 4th
| level5 = 5th
| type1 = Urban
| faction1 = Shadow Lodge