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An oozemorph shifter engages in morphic weaponry.

An oozemorph is a person whose exposure to an ooze has permanently changed their composition to be more ooze-like. Oozemorphs require focus to retain their natural forms and prevent parts of their bodies from turning to liquid.1


The organs and blood of an oozemorph might shift or change in composition, their throats can reshape to carry their voices over long distances, and some can establish rudimentary communication with oozes. A few oozemorphs can form adhesive attachments on their limbs to aid in climbing and holding objects.1

On Golarion

Many human victims of a cursed phenomenon known as the slithering in the city of Kibwe during 4720 AR are oozemorphs. The city has reintegrated many of the oozemorphs, though some still struggle to find work that accepts their new challenges and abilities.2 The city marked the anniversary of the slithering with a popular memorial holiday for those who died, in which people prepared jellied food.3


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