Moonlight Massacre

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On 26 Calistril, 4675 AR, Kamdyn Arnefax launched a devastating sneak attack on the forces of Razmiran on the west bank of the West Sellen River that became known as the Moonlight Massacre.1

The region of Lambreth was threatened by imminent invasion from neighboring Razmiran, and the ruling Triunes of Lambreth offered the lordship of the realm to Arnefax if he could defeat the invaders. Arnefax assembled an unlikely army of his household guards, Lambreth soldiers, refugees, and mercenaries, but also added shadow mastiffs and infernal creatures. Astride nightmare steeds, flanked by packs of shadowy hounds, and backed by the infamous Catspaw Marauders of Ustalav, Arnefax and his personal guard attacked and slaughtered the officers of Razmiran's army at night while the rest of his army crossed the Sellen. The Razmiri camp became a killing field, with very few escaping the slaughter, and Arnefax won a great victory.1

The Triunes had not expected Arnefax to survive the battle. When Tandre Cullerton suggested a delay in the recognition of Arnefax's lordship, the victorious general coolly killed him and his wife, and exiled his family.1


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