Ivory Cross

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Ivory Cross
Type Mercenary
Leader Quilis Fortuna
Headquarters Sargava
Goals Protect Sargavan merchant caravans
Scope National
Structure Military

Source: Sargava, The Lost Colony, pg(s). 7

Ivory Cross is one of the most organized guilds in Sargava. It began operations in 4680 AR and now consists of almost one hundred mercenaries. Platoons of Ivory Cross warriors often accompany merchant caravans bound for Kalabuto and expeditions into the Bandu Hills. Many Sargavan colonials employ its members as house guards. Every month, many young colonials see the service in the Ivory Cross as a great opportunity. The Ivory Cross's company commander Quilis Fortuna is seeking a contract with Baron Utilinus to protect the city of Eleder. Quilis Fortuna says that the primary goal of Ivory Cross is to protect commerce by maintaining security and order in Sargava.[1]


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