Chelish Navy

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An orca smashes a Chelish ship during a naval battle within the Eye of Abendego.

Chelish Navy
Chelaxian flag.

Source: Cheliax, Empire of Devils, pg(s). 8
Ships pass through the Arch of Aroden, a key location for the Chelish Navy.

Cheliax's navy is one of the largest in Avistan and patrols both the Inner Sea and to a lesser extent, the coastal areas of the northern Arcadian Ocean (the southern coast of the Arcadian Ocean is most-heavily patrolled by the Free Captains of the Shackles). Since 4137 AR, the Chelish Navy, or the Imperial Navy of Cheliax, has controlled the vital Arch of Aroden and the shipping lanes that rely on it.12 Its home port is Ostenso3 in eastern Cheliax, with major presences in Corentyn and Kintargo.4

Fleets of the Chelish Navy

Chelish Marines

The navy maintains a force of Chelish Marines known for being subjects of experiments that turn them into the feared ocean-bound sea-sworn.6

Active engagements

A Chelish Navy warship battles a pirate sloop in the Shackles.
  • The Chelish Navy has no tolerance for pirates and opposes them throughout the Inner Sea and into the Shackles. However, the Shackles' Pirate Lords count among their members a former Chelish admiral, Arronax Endymion.7 Since the capture of the Arch of Aroden, the Chelish navy has been able to curtail pirates' access to the Inner Sea.2
  • The Chelish Navy constantly contests the activity of the Andoren Navy in constant small actions that fall just short of open warfare.2
  • A Chelish armada led by Governor Vedra Sawndannac has continuously blockaded the rebellious town of Pezzack since 4710 AR.8
  • The pirates of the Shackles defeated the most recent invasion attempt by the Chelish navy in 4712 AR.2


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