Dead Laws

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The Dead Laws govern the nation of Geb.

The Dead Laws are a set of codes and statues in the nation of Geb that regulate relations between the nation's living (known as the "Quick") and undead inhabitants and protect the rights of both sections of society. Intelligent undead have at least as many rights in Geb as living creatures. The laws also regulate the ownership of slaves, both living and undead, and some aspects of necromancy. They also prohibit the channelling of positive energy within the nation's borders. Those undead who require living creatures to feed upon are provided with specially bred chattel under the Dead Laws, while the consumption of unsanctioned living people is prohibited. Geb's debased lower nobility, as well as certain insatiable vampires, hold themselves above the law and indulge in their voracious cravings against anyone they find, even at the risk of legal consequences and the prospect of permanent death, so visitors to the country still need to proceed with caution.12