Court of Black Paper

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Court of Black Paper

Provide legal services; serve Norgorber
Source: Absalom, City of Lost Omens, pg(s). 67–68

The Court of Black Paper in Absalom is, in nearly equal parts, a powerful cartel-like law firm, a cutthroat school of legal studies, and a cult of Norgorber. Its ranking members are known as priest-advocates and are led by Senior Priest-Advocate Samel Maleagant, who has a reputation as the city's most prominent lawyer.1


An unknown priestess of Norgorber organized the first priest-advocates upon realizing that while espionage could reveal secrets through great effort, people would also simply and freely share secrets with lawyers, who were also legally and customarily protected in the process.1

In so doing, priest-advocates have openly served Norgorber's aspect as the Reaper of Reputation for generations, though they often face opposition from the Skinsaw Cult, followers of Norgorber's murderous aspect.1


The Court maintains a shrine on the Norgorberite site of Black Ink Lake, located inland on the Isle of Kortos on the side of Arazlant Mox. The shrine's priest-advocates harvest ink from the lake for use in occult documents and initiates new members by submerging them in its depths.2