Aberian Arvanxi

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Aberian Arvanxi

Source: The Bastards of Erebus, pg(s). 50

Aberian Arvanxi was invested as lord mayor of Westcrown in 4689 AR, a position granted to him by Her Infernal Majestrix, Queen Abrogail II in "thanks" for years of embarrassment and failed plotting in the courts of Egorian.

Despite political exile from the national stage, House Arvanxi retained much of its power among Wiscrani. His slander of the former mayor's allies and underhanded dealings to gain his own allies quickly made him as influential figure as any in Wiscrani politics. Untrue rumors circulated that Arvanxi was involved in the assassination of the previous mayor, Dargentu Vheed, but the lord mayor allowed them to continue uncontested, as he found the fear the rumors generated beneficial in quelling dissent in the early days of his reign.

Since securing his position, he has become a major benefactor of Chelish opera, investing large sums of the Westcrown's wealth into restoring and maintaining the various opera houses throughout the city. While the common man, who can rarely afford to attend these lavish performances, sees this as unnecessary decadence, the lord mayor's pet project keeps him occupied enough to stay out of the day-to-day affairs of most Wiscrani's lives. As such, his inefficiencies and dalliances are allowed to continue.1

The lord mayor resides in Vaneo Arvanxi in Rego Sacero, a vast estate into which he has poured immense wealth, earning it the local nickname of "Aberian's Folly." The manor serves as the venue for Arvanxi's many fetes and feasts which also add justification for the estate's nickname. In 4705 AR, Arvanxi caused a local outrage when he began openly supporting the idea of binding powerful fiends for his own amusement and, while he ceased speaking of this openly, he nevertheless uses a bound pit fiend as a source of power for the estate.2


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