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4607 AR

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Age of Lost Omens
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4607 AR in conflicts

  • Skirmishes and battles among Sarkorian refugees, native insurgents, and Iobarian troops begin the second fall of Iobaria, with the loss of Mavradia to rebel forces. Battles and rebellions continue over the next five decades.[1]
  • The siege of the temple near Pulura's Fall begins, but the demons of the Worldwound are unable to breach its walls.[2][3]
  • The city of Dyinglight in northwestern Sarkoris is evacuated before the advancing demonic hordes.[2]
  • Early in this year, Minagho, a powerful lilitu demon, entered Kenabres in disguise and proceeded to murder 62 citizens before disappearing in a puff of black smoke. This event became known as the Red Morning Massacre.[4]

4607 AR in politics

Deaths in 4607 AR

4607 AR in environment


  • The Acadamae in Korvosa begins to shift its instructional focus more towards the summoning of devils, perhaps in response to the ongoing conflict in Cheliax.[11]
  • A merchant fleet from Sargava is destroyed while attempting to navigate too close to the Eye of Abendego.[12]


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