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Titles City of Piled Stones
Nation Darklands
Region Land of Black Blood, Orv
Population No fixed population
Demographics Visitors
Government None
Ruler None known

Source: Descent into Midnight, pg(s). 52f.

The city of Orgeshta, in the vault of Orv known as the Land of Black Blood is named after the mysterious deity Orgesh. The city is home to numerous ancient icons of Orgesh.

It is also known as the City of Piled Stones. It consists of a number of circular towers, shaped like beehives. They all have entrances at the top, although some also have ground floor entrances as well. The city has stood for countless centuries, a testament to the skills of its unknown builders. Some believe they were a corrupt race of dwarves.

The city has few settled inhabitants, but charda visitors are common. They camp in flooded tower basements, and leave offerings of food at the many icons of Orgesh which can be found here. Travellers to Orv often find the city a (comparatively) safe place to stop, although they have to content with bats, rats and cloakers. As a result, the city has graffiti in a dozen languages.[1]


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