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Zurea Salvus

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Zurea Salvus

High Priestess or High Priest
Source: Temple of the Peacock Spirit, pg(s). 66

Zurea Salvus is the high priest1 of the Grand Temple of the Peacock Spirit.2


Zurea's three elderly aunts are clerics of Mahathallah, and run a funeral home for the upper class in Korvosa. Her mother was a member of the Gray Maidens.2


Zurea was indoctrinated by her aunts into the cult of Mahathallah from a young age. After her mother died in a mission into the Cinderlands, Zurea was devastated and started on a path of drug abuse. Despite this, she did manage to maintain a normal life, and her arrogance grew, as she thought only someone as capable and enlightened as herself could flourish in spite of her drug addiction.2

In 4718 AR, Zurea started hearing whispers that her greatness was unappreciated by both her family and even Mahathallah, her devotions would be better acknowledged by another, and she was destined for things greater than her aunts' funeral home. She agreed and was granted a vision of a peacock feather with a great, open eye in the center and the knowledge of the viridian transcendence ritual. Zurea performed the ritual and was transported to the Grand Temple of the Peacock Spirit. The local cultists greeted her and introduced themselves as devotees of the Peacock Spirit, a deity that she had never heard of.2

Zurea easily converted to the Peacock Spirit's faith and found that she was one of her new god's few clerics. With this new proof of her supremacy, she quickly rose in the cultists' ranks until being anointed as high priest.2


  1. Both "High Priest" and "High Priestess" are used interchangeably as titles for Zurea in the text.
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