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Magical beast
Any forest
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 288

Zoogs are a species of spiteful, vicious magical beasts with a taste for the flesh of intelligent creatures.1


A zoog has luminous eyes, a rat's tail, simian appendages, and tendrils extending from a mole-like nose.1


Zoogs inhabit dark forests, especially those where the veil between worlds grows thin and allows strange creatures like themselves to slip past. In battle, zoogs rely on ambushes and overwhelming numbers, avoiding larger foes when alone. Victim of zoog attacks are usually consumed on the spot, but especially unlucky ones are dragged to zoog communities and become the focus of strange communities before being sacrificed to their deities.1

Zoogs usually eat plants and fungi, but consider the flesh of intelligent beings a delicacy.1 They also greatly prize the meat of felines, which they enjoy more than any other kind, but are often unable to take down large, predatory cats without outside aid.2


Zoogs congregate in small tribes and mark their settlements with mystical, strangely carved stones. They detest cats and go out of the way to kill and eat them. Occasionally a zoog allows a spellcaster of especial depravity, or with interests in the mysteries of realms and creatures beyond the mortal world, to employ it as a familiar.1


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