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Warden of the Ineluctable Prison
Unknown; currently Ivory Labyrinth, Abyss
Source: Herald of the Ivory Labyrinth, pg(s). 60–61

Ylleshka was formed from the souls of two sisters born on a world far from Golarion, where they ruled a nation alongside each other. They were extremely close to each other, often speaking in unison and appearing almost to be a single mind in two bodies, but were cruel rulers and deeply disliked because each viewed the other as her only equal and the rest of their nation as something to be toyed with for their amusement. Their subjects eventually rose in rebellion and ultimately sacrificed themselves through the desperate act of a priest of a now-dead god of freedom who caused the volcano above the twins' capital city to erupt, immolating the rebels and the sisters alike.1

The sisters' souls swiftly sank into the Abyss, where their intense closeness in life and the shared nature of their sins caused a unique transformation—rather than each soul forming into a demon of its own, they fused together into a single twin-bodied marilith with two heads and twelve arms.1

Ylleshka served numerous demon lords following her genesis in the Abyss, including Abraxas, Aldinach, Areshkagal, Gogunta, Haagenti, Mestama, Nurgal, Orcus, Shax, Socothbenoth, and Zura, later leaving each one's service after betraying them. She also served almost two dozen nascent demon lords, most of whom are now dead—often by Ylleshka's own hand. She eventually entered the service of Baphomet, whom she currently serves as the chief warden of his Ineluctable Prison.1


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