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Aliases The Serene
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human graveknight
Class Barbarian 13
Gender Female
Homeland Mechitar, Geb
Organization Council Libertine

Source: Gardens of Gallowspire, pg(s). 31

Yhalas the Serene is a graveknight of the Council Libertine, the bodyguards and jailers for Arazni. Yhalas and his colleagues were once Knights of Ozem from Lastwall before they were captured during an ill-fated espionage mission to Geb and transformed by the wizard-king himself.[1]


Yhalas is a strong, blonde, short-haired woman with exceptionally pallid skin, almost like undead; she was chosen to infiltrate Geb for this reason, as her commander Amaretos Barronmor thought that she could better blend into Geb's undead population. She wears a blackened, burnt suit of rhino hide, which appears melted into her flesh.[2]


Yhalas watches over Arazni on behalf of the wizard-king Geb alongside the rest of the Council Libertine, under the pretence of being her bodyguards. Arazni's mental conditioning prevents her from raising a hand against them.[1]


Yhalas was a notoriously short-tempered woman in life. She attempted to attain an inner calm with peaceful mantras, but her efforts are not always successful, and she earned the ironic nickname 'Yhalas the Serene' due to the brutal rages she unleashed upon Lastwall's enemies.[2]

Like all of her companions, Yhalas was eventually captured by Geb. He erased the mantras from her memory, leaving her in a constant, bloodthirsty rage. When she became convinced that her only defining feature was her temper, Geb transformed her into a graveknight. After all the Knights of Ozem had been transformed, Geb named them the Council Libertine and gave them a mission to steal Arazni's corpse from Vigil and bring her to him so he could turn her into a lich.[2][3]


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