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Yasmardin Senir

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Yasmardin Senir

Leader of the Anaphexia
The Count of Ulcazar;
Source: Rule of Fear, pg(s). 27

Bishop Yasmardin Senir (his name is sometimes spelt as Yarsmardin) rules the Ustalavic County of Ulcazar as a bishop of the church of Pharasma.1 The Count of Ulcazar holds court not in an elegant manor but in the silent halls of the Monastery of the Veil high atop one of the peaks of the Hungry Mountains. Senir swapped one title for another, trading Count for Bishop but still ruling his native county; he discourages visitors and has all but banned immigration.23

The bishop and all the other silent monks are actually cleverly disguised: Senir is the secret head of the Anaphexia organization of assassins and he and the monks hold true allegiance to Norgorber, not to Pharasma.4 While all Anaphexia monks have their tongues removed before they leave the Monastery of the Veil, Senir is spared this and is the only member who retains his tongue outside the monastery.5


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