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Xin-Grafar, the City of Golden Death, is the lost, underground treasure city of Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant, located on the Isle of Terror. Originally named Kestrillon, it was a thriving metropolis and center of magical research, protected by the now-destroyed Grafar Citadel. Tar-Baphon conquered it and renamed it Xin-Grafar in the style of ancient Thassilon, then made Xin-Grafar his treasure city and hid his vast wealth there behind a legion of guardians and traps. Later, Tar-Baphon created the Wizard-King's Pit in Xin-Grafar to entrap Aroden, but the god thwarted his trap and destroyed the Whispering Tyrant. The Pit remained open, connecting the once-beautiful island to the Negative Energy Plane as it fell into ruin.1

Xin-Grafar is located in a vast underground cavern lit by greenish phosphorescence and surrounded by canals of molten gold. It is built on three tiers encircled by circular walls: the First, Second, and Third Rings. All of the buildings in the First and Second Rings are plated with gold due to recurring floods from the molten canals.2


The adventure City of Golden Death takes place in Xin-Grafar and includes a map of the city.

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