Xilganni Parastric

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Xilganni Parastric

Circa 4685 AR
Source: Belkzen, Hold of the Orc Hordes, pg(s). 44-45

Xilganni Parastric was a drow who specialised in fleshwarping and originally lived near Zirnakaynin, most probably in the Moaning Vault. Unfortunately, Xilganni was captured by one of her orc slaves called Mother Chot. Mother Chot dragged Xilganni Parastric from her home in the Darklands, emerging on the surface world near the eastern Kodar Mountains where she allied with the Mangled Limb tribe. After securing her position within the tribe, Mother Chot turned to torturing the secrets of fleshwarping from her former mistress. Using Xilganni's secrets, Mother Chot established her laboratory-fortress of Dretha's Cradle, where she uses fleshwarping to create new and horrible warbeasts: semi-living warmachines and, perversely, oronci made from her fellow orcs. Mother Chot has not forgotten her former mistress, however, and bits of Xilganni now make up the unique flesh golem that the ancient alchemist uses to carry her wherever she goes.1


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