Xhai Xen Xiao

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Xhai Xen Xiao

Source: Dragon Empires Gazetteer, pg(s). 16

Xhai Xen Xiao was a peerless architect, most renowned for founding the city of Goka in 313 AR. Xhai was known to be a devout follower of Abadar but clashed with his superiors within the Yixing empire, resulting in self-imposed exile. After escaping Yixing, he founded the city of Goka, the so called "City of Wonders", in the only geographic gap in the Wall of Heaven mountain range.1

It is known that many of those Xhai Xen Xiao left behind in Yixing did not wish him well. The advisors of Empress Yin wanted him arrested for having the audacity to build the City of Wonders beyond Yixing's borders. In 326 AR, the empress visited Goka and, luckily for Xhai, fell in love with the city, thus sparing him from imprisonment. Unfortunately, a mere three years later in 329 AR, Xhai fell to his death from one of the towers of the recently built Seven Dragon Bridge. Rumour had it yellow-clad killers, possibly the Yixing precursors of the modern Butterfly Blades, were responsible for Xhai's fall, although this was never proven.1