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Worldscape: Warlord of Mars One-Shot

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Worldscape: Warlord of Mars One-Shot
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Book - Comic Book
January 2017

Worldscape: Warlord of Mars One-Shot, a comic book written by Paizo Inc. Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Erik Mona, was released exclusively as part of Dynamite Entertainment's January 2017 "Worldscape" Humble Bundle campaign . The "Pathfinder Chronicles" appendix in this volume is written by Erik Mona. This issue is subtitled "Rebels Without a Planet".

John Carter and Tars Tarkas suddenly find themselves speeding across the Worldscape skies in a Barsoomian scout flier in this bonus tale of their first adventure together in the mysterious Worldscape. After an encounter with a vicious red dragon, the two heroes of Mars crash land in a dangerous jungle filled with monsters and the greatest warriors of three worlds, plucked from time and space to battle each other to the death! But John Carter's warlike ways began long before his first adventures on Barsoom, and an old foe from the American Civil War is more than happy to make Carter's acquaintance once again. Old scores are settled at last in a new tale by Pathfinder Publisher and Pathfinder: Worldscape main series author Erik Mona! Contains a bonus Pathfinder RPG appendix and poster map!


"Worldscape: Warlord of Mars One-Shot" features the following characters:

Game content

All Pathfinder: Worldscape issues include a pull-out poster map and an official Pathfinder RPG bonus encounter. In this comic, various ideas for encounters in the Worldscape are suggested and associated with the pull-out poster map, which is entitled "Firing Squad".

The appendix contains an ecology and statistics of sea-spawn, including a variety of blessings of the deep, and a new feat exclusive to the aquatic race.

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