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Worldscape: Reanimator One-Shot

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Worldscape: Reanimator One-Shot
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April 4, 2018

Worldscape: Reanimator One-Shot, a comic book written by Paizo Inc. publisher and chief creative officer Erik Mona, with art by Matt Gaudio, and covers by Roberto Castro, was released on April 4, 2018 exclusively as part of Dynamite Entertainment's October 2017 "Worldscape" Humble Bundle campaign .

The blood of a thousand Therns drowns Shareen's arena. Empress Camilla's corpse lies among an army of White Martian dead. To Herbert West, Reanimator, the arena is a vast laboratory of fresh specimens. Conquering the secret of life and death means unlocking the science of Camilla's fountain of youth, but H. P. Lovecraft's most cantankerous scientist must work fast, before Shareen's next would-be empress comes calling! Written by Paizo Publisher Erik Mona. Also includes physical poster and exclusive tile map!


"Worldscape: Reanimator One-Shot" features the following characters:

Game content

All Pathfinder: Worldscape issues include a pull-out poster map and an official Pathfinder RPG bonus encounter.

The appendix contains information on several factions active in the Worldscape: the Amazons, the Council of the Jungle Kings, and the cult of Issus.

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Roberto Castro