Wooden protector

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Wooden protector

Any forest or jungle
Source: Into the Haunted Forest, pg(s). 14-15

A humanoid-shaped plant, summoned by druids in desperate need, the wooden protector is always a guardian of a sacred, or formerly sacred, site.


The wooden protector appears roughly humanoid in shape, most of its body is comprised of a tangling coil of thick vines. These vines cover the whole of the wooden protectors lower half forming a flowing robe of entwined wood. This body of flowing vines stops at the head which appears to be a full face mask of solid wood carved into the ornate shape of an owls face with owls feathers crowning the mask.1

Habitat & Ecology

Wooden protectors always dwell near the wood or forest where they were originally created though they normally have very little impact on the surrounding wilderness. Like most other plants wooden protectors gain their energy through a combination of sunlight and minerals. A wooden protector absorbs these nutrients through its branch like legs while absorbing energy through the leaves that dot its vine-like form. Wooden protectors may come from the base elements of nature but are not natural beings, they are called by powerful druids or other defenders of nature when they cannot defend the wilds by themselves. As such wooden protectors normally outlive their creators.1


Create Weapon
A wooden protector can tear off one of its brambles and create any wooden weapon out it.
Grasp of Wood
A wooden protector can entangle his opponent in a web of brambles to reduce their mobility.
Natural Movement
Completely at home in the forest a wooden protector is never impeded by the obstacles of the wood land.1


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