Wasp Queens

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Wasp Queens
Type Thieves
Leader Arala Insifaal
Alignment Chaotic neutral (assumed)
Headquarters Kyonin
Goals Trickery & revenge
Scope Regional (Avistan)
Members Female elves and half-elves

Source: Faiths of Balance, pg(s). 23

The Wasp Queens are an elite society of female elves and half-elves, who are also thieves. They follow the teachings of Calistria related to trickery and revenge. They are for hire for any number of activities especially the ones that are considered impossible. The Wasp Queens have broken into the most secure vaults of Abadar's temples, have lifted huge amounts of coin from the banks of Absalom, and are even said to have stolen the scepter of Queen Abrogail of Cheliax herself and sold it back to her. They travel all across Avistan, always eventually returning to Kyonin. Their commander is Arala Insifaal.[1]


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