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Any (ruins or graveyards)
Source: Dreams of the Yellow King, pg(s). 90f.

Wamps are a species of disgusting carrion-eating aberrations that live in dead cities in the Dreamlands.1


Wamps resemble nine-legged arthropods whose legs end in brilliant red webbed feet. A wamp's face consists of a pig nose, a bat mouth, but no eyes. The thorax of a wamp is covered in dirty, bristly white fur. The average wamp is four feet in diameter, three feet long, has a leg span of eight feet and weighs 300 pounds, but rumours of colossal wamps persist. Wamps typically smell of rotting flesh.1


Wamps are obligate carrion feeders and cannot digest fresh meat. Their favoured prey is rotting undead, and they can trick undead into thinking that the wamps themselves are also undead, although intelligent undead are rarely fooled for long. Wamps are willing to kill living prey, but never eat them immediately, preferring to drag the corpses back to their lair and let them fester.1

When a wamp feeds on a sufficiently large corpse, it will deposit hundreds of eggs inside it. Wamps are always ravenous and rarely leave enough food for their unborn offspring; if a corpse is mostly uneaten, the eggs will fertilise and begin to consume each other, eventually hatching into a single juvenile watermelon-sized wamp, which matures within hours. Wamps can live for centuries, but are usually killed before that.1

Despite their disgusting form, wamps are on average smarter than humans. Despite their lack of eyes, they can see the natural decay of all solidity, allowing them to read books or look at sculptures.1


Wamps dwell in dead cities or undead-haunted graveyards in the Dreamlands, where there are numerous cultural relics for them to study. They are willing to brag about the results of their research to visitors, but scholars who consult wamps are advised to not associate with them for long or risk becoming their meal.1

Most wamps become sorcerers, psychics, rogues, bards, or clerics of Tsathoggua. Since it is difficult to manipulate objects with their feet, wamps that become arcane spellcasters always try to find ways to eschew casting materials.1