Voradni Voon

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Voradni Voon

ca. 1st century AR
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 35

Voradni Voon was a minotaur warlord from Casmaron.1 His desire for ascension and the Starstone1 drove him to lay the first historical siege on Absalom in 23 AR using an army of centaurs, harpies, and minotaurs, which he brought through a teleportation gate known as the Brazen Arch from Iblydos.2345 He was repelled by the volunteer guards of Absalom (the progenitors of the First Guard) who were led by the god Aroden himself.6 Aroden pushed back the besieging army to the eastern plateau on the Isle of Kortos, where he convulsed it with a series of earthquakes that also destroyed the Brazen Arch and scattered Voon's forces.5


His defeat is still celebrated in Absalom in the annual event known as the Passion of the First Siege of Absalom.7


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