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Magical beast
Any rivers or marshes
Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 283

Vooniths are cunning amphibious nocturnal predators from the Dimension of Dreams.1


A voonith is a colourful, long-necked, six-legged amphibian with a fanged snout and numerous finlets running down its spine. Vooniths are four feet long and weigh 70 pounds, but are rumoured to grow much bigger.1


Vooniths are voracious, nocturnal and, though less intelligent than average humans, capable of speaking the Aklo language. They usually only speak to their own kind, and only when they think other creatures are not listening, which has led to the misconception that they are just dumb animals. Understanding the vooniths' whisper is not always for the best.1

When they see prey too far away from the water to ambush, vooniths utter a blood-curdling howl capable of freezing them in their tracks. While natives of the Dimension of Dreams, many vooniths have somehow made their way to the coastlines and wetlands of the Material Plane.1


Vooniths are quite social, and travellers that can speak Aklo and overcome the hurdle of interspecies conflict can make them good friends. Vooniths are willing to secretly escort their friends through dangerous marshes and provide aid to them when they fall prey to local dangers. They have a preference towards gallows humour, whose punchlines tend to involve non-vooniths (most commonly humans, gnomes, and cats) suffering grisly, ironic fates.1


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