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A conjurer and his voidworm familiar.

Voidworms are the lowest caste of proteans. Debate rages as to whether or not they are actually proteans at all, with the greater proteans considering such a claim insulting. Nevertheless, they retain all the characteristics of true proteans.1


A voidworm is a tiny, iridescent serpent that measures two feet long and weighs two pounds, with skin covered in complex patterns and colorful, feathery crests sprouting from its sides. No two voidworms are exactly alike in colouration or markings. Their two feathery wings are generally brighter than the rest of their bodies, or share the same colour as their master's eyes if these voidworms are familiars.1


Voidworms have all the requisite racial traits of proteans, down to their serpentine shapes. The other proteans, however, consider voidworms no more than pale reflections of their kind and claim that voidworms are called from the raw stuff of the Maelstrom by spellcasters who summon them as familiars, giving them shape and life according to the summoners' expectations. Voidworms themselves lack the intelligence to have any say on the matter.1

Voidworms maintain a thriving ecology in the Maelstrom, forming together into darting, flashing schools that are often hunted for sport by naunets and other predators.1


Voidworms spare little thought for the constantly mutable concept of reality and only barely grasp cause and effect. The past has no more substance or significance for them than a dream.1

Voidworms are particularly valued as familiars by spellcasters who deal with distorting or moulding reality. Their bizarre logic and minuscule attention spans sometimes make them troublesome, yet their confusing attack and remarkable hardiness have saved more than one master on the battlefield, and their strange thought processes potentially offer unique insights in the laboratory. In more mundane lands, voidworm familiars are often ordered by their masters to disguise as normal animals, though these disguises tend to fail if the voidworm grows curious or playful.1

On Golarion

Voidworms are popular familiars in parts of Golarion, including Kintargo in Cheliax.2 Blackfire adepts employ them as familiars,3 and they are also summoned as part of several Ydersian rituals and holidays.4

Known voidworms


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