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Source: Inner Sea Bestiary, pg(s). 54–55

Vetalas1 are a breed of vampire native to the sub-continent of Vudra. Unlike traditional vampires, however, vetalas feed on the creative consciousness or psyche (called "prana" in Vudrani) of others, and are particularly drawn to those endowed with great force of will, creativity, or those simply destined for greatness.2

Some scholars are comparing between them and Psychic vampires, resulted to be vetalaranas.34


Vetals trace their origins to a mysterious strain of vampires known as the strigoi, as all true vampires do. The strigoi originally gave rise to the bestial nosferatu, who in turn became the progenitors of the moroi when the ancestors of the latter strain chose to abandon their ancestors' bestial lifestyles. Some moroi went further than this, and decided that the mere act of feeding on the unclean blood of "lesser beings" was a debasement of their dignity. While their abstinence from blood nearly killed them, some learned how to feed directly from others' minds, thus becoming the first true vetalas.5


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