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Source: City in the Lion's Eye, pg(s). 70

Vasilhara is a rakshasa maharaja who rises to power in Vudra every millennium, claims a vast territory, then disappears with her subjects. She takes a different guise every time, so the disappearing kingdoms seem to have no connection and have long been seen as nothing more than a historical curiosity. Recently, a group of scholars has discovered that all living creatures in Vasilhara's domain, including herself, are sacrificed in a ritual that utterly consumes their bodies and life forces. However, those scholars have no knowledge of this ritual's purpose or how to stop it. Vasilhara's seneschal Kalishpali, who has been part of all such sacrifices, is frightened by their ultimate purpose and has indicated to the scholars that he might be willing to defect and stop his mistress' schemes.1


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