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Law enforcement
Enforcement of magic laws
Local (Absalom)
Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 48

Varlokkur are spellcasting judges charged with regulating magic in the city of Absalom within acceptable limits. They answer to the city's third Spell Lord, but their legal training is the responsibility of the city's First Lord or Lady of Laws.

They investigate crimes that involve magic, try to ensure that spells are not use to pervert the course of justice, and hear cases with a strong magical element or involving a known spellcaster.

They also seek to enforce laws prohibiting the casting of specific spells within Absalom, such as those that impede detection and could be used only in criminal activities. In particular, they have the authority to judge that a new spell is essentially identical to an outlawed spell, and so is similarly illegal. Changes to these laws are announced at an annual Spell Fete.1


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