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Valeria Asperixus

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Valeria Asperixus

Fighter (polearm master) 6 / Hellknight 6
Source: From Hell's Heart, pg(s). 52–53

Paralictor Valeria Asperixus is a Hellknight of the Order of the Scourge and both the loyal bodyguard, servant, and lover of Imperial Navy of Cheliax Admiral Druvalia Thrune.1


Valeria was born to a rural family living on the lands of House Thrune, and developed a profound and unquestioning loyalty to Cheliax's ruling House early in her life. She spent her childhood learning to recite Thrune's mottos and wishing to be taken into the House's service, convinced that Thrune would certainly reward loyalty as true as hers. Her chance came in her adolescence when a carriage bearing the arms of a cadet branch of House Thrune arrived at her family's home while Valeria was learning her father's trade of horse training. A noblewoman stepped out of the carriage and inquired about the stallions Valeria's family had for sale, but her interest quickly shifted to "stallions" of a two-legged variety and she had her footmen drag Valeria's father into her carriage.1

Valeria left to find her mother, and the two returned in time to see Valeria's naked father stagger from the carriage. Valeria's mother was outraged at what had happened, but Valeria believed her father to have been favored with a great gift by one of the exalted Thrunes and told her mother that. Valeria's mother interrupted her daughter's praising of Thrune with a dizzying slap, but the noblewoman, who introduced herself as Felena Tiberlais Thrune, took a liking to Valeria's absolute loyalty, forcibly removed her from her mother, and offered her the chance to become part of her household. Valeria eagerly accepted.1

In her new role, Valeria was the picture of unquestioning obedience, performing her tasks eagerly and efficiently. Her masters, pleased with her performance and devotion, appointed her as a bodyguard and companion to Felena's younger daughter, Druvalia, who was approximately Valeria's age. Valeria was smitten with her mistress and strove to please the young noble, serving as her confidante, protector, and occasional lover. The two never became friends, an idea Valeria herself would find horrifying, but nonetheless became close companions. When Druvalia was sent to military school, Valeria followed her like a faithful puppy.1

After Druvalia graduated and entered the Chelish Navy, Valeria was sent to train as a Hellknight and received a surname, Asperixus. Valeria thrived in the Order of the Scourge's lifestyle of strict and brutal discipline, and rose to the rank of paralictor. When Druvalia, now an admiral, gathered a fleet to invade the Shackles and bring them under Chelish rule, Valeria obediently rejoined her mistress and sailed alongside her against the pirate lords.1


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