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I wanted to draw the attention of new and experienced Chroniclers to some new features wikia has added to the site. I don't see us utilizing all of them, or even most of them, but some my have some potential for growing the community and making it easier to edit.

Ad-free wikis: I already mentioned this one in a forum post, but thought I'd bring it up here, too. Funding the removal of ads from the page is more than I can handle, and I wouldn't expect a general member of the site to do so either, so we should use the forum to brainstorm ways of paying for that. I'd love to see the project go ad-free if we can manage it.

Achievements: Brandingopportunity has been trying to come up with ways of getting people involved in editing for a while, and maybe this new feature (being tested on the Iron Man Wiki) is a solution. I believe the achievement titles can be customized, so we could make them Golarion-specific. It's not exactly what we were discussinng, but until we could figure out a way to make a PathfinderWiki FourSquare to give badges or denotations of what content certain editors work on, this may be something to look into implementing once it becomes available to us.

Galleries: Photo galleries have been implemented on all English-language wikias (which includes us). I'm going to see how well we can get these incorporated into existing articles and let's see if we can't improve the look of some of them!

Following: What was formerly the "Watchlist" has become Special:Following. Each user may make their followed pages public should they wish to do so, but regardless of what settings you use, it now categorizes the followed pages by type. This may be a great tool for people "tag-teaming" a topic or if we implement some sort of FourSquare inspired adoption of regions or topics. You'll notice that your user page now has a hideable "Pages I'm Following" column. If you hide this, the entire list will be hidden from view. Check out my followed pages at Special:Following/Yoda8myhead.

Anyone else have suggestions or comments on features you'd like to try out, fine-tune, or eliminate from the project?

The notion of achievements is interesting. If we could customize the titles and graphics, it would be great. My impression is that once everything is set up, it would take care of itself. Any benefit at essentially zero cost (after start-up) is great. Also, it's fun.

I'm all for fun stuff at this sort of meta level. Stuff like the Brandingopportunity's "Mayor of Magnimar" idea is a great one. Also, I'd still like to hear if anybody has comments on my awards proposal from last week.

At any rate... yay for achievements! I look forward to us using them.


I knew I forgot something...

Assuming that we can customize the achievement text and graphics, I'd like to toss out the idea of using "ioun stones" as a replacement for the badge metaphor. —Aeakett (talk) Tue, 25 May 2010 16:46:52 +0000