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I wanted to take the opportunity to deliver the thanks I would have had we won an award tonight. While the recognition of being nominated is more than we could have ever asked for, not winning doesn't change the recognition that is deserved by everyone who has made the Wiki's success possible.

First, thanks to Paizo for creating a system that has inspired so many of us to a level that we have dedicated our free time to making this resource and for being so open with their content for fan-generated, non-commercial projects such as this.

I'd also like to thank fellow Chroniclers, Admins, and members of the greater Paizo community. This isn't just recognition of the most active users, but of everyone who has or will contribute to the site in the future. Everyone involved in any aspect should be proud of the Wiki's success. Keep up the great work.

I think it is fitting that the two sites that took home the awards tonight are both collaborative projects much like our own. It bodes well for the work we have and will continue to put into this labor of love. We have a specialized audience of not only Pathfinder players but players in a specific setting. Though we'll probably always have a smaller fan-base than setting-neutral and even moreso system-neutral resources like and Obsidian Portal, the fact that we all utilize user-generated content to aid others in their games shouldn't be overlooked. What we are doing is important, and we all have that to be proud of.

Yeah, I'm disappointed we didn't win, but this just gives us all the more motivation to make the next year even more productive. If Obsidian Portal can win twice in a row, we can get nominated twice, right?

Thanks again for everything!

Honorable and generous sentiments, Mark. Thanks for sharing. —Brandingopportunity (talk) Sat, 07 Aug 2010 19:40:29 +0000