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Hi, my name is Bjoern Arnold, but I'm probably better known (if at all) as Wormys_Queue over at I already made some edits ages ago when the Pathfinder wiki just had started, but with a lot of other interests to compete, I fell silent very soon. Now I'm back, and as I try to update myself on some Pathfinder lore, I hope that I'll manage to stay a bit longer around here this time.

I've been a longtime Paizo fan even before the Pathfinder adventure started, and for a time have been part of the German translation team at Ulisses Spiele as translator and editor as well. Between family and work, I'm not as active as a player or GM as I want to be, but reading the books is fun enough for me, and I can still consider myself as part of the ocommunity this way.

To Do

As I just returned here to the wiki, I'm planning to just look around and see where I can make myself useful. Stubs and wanted pages seem to have a certain appeal to me, so you'll may find me doing some stuff here and there. Apart from that, I'm just reading through Blood of the Coven, so I'll probably put some work to add all kind of hag-related lore I can find to the page.

My Sandbox

Just a place I need to experiment and fiddle with the things I want to add to the wiki: Wormy's Sandbox