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Articles Required

To document notes on-line from reading Paizo Pathfinder Campaign Setting books showing articles that need creating or modifying due to material found in the sourcebook. Articles requiring major updates should get an {{Update}} template applied. The listing of data here should in no ways imply that fleanetha is going to do this work! Any help creating / amending these articles would be most appreciated by all.

'[A 1]' => artwork for that subject is found on p. 1 of the book.

Pathfinder Campaign Setting

Artifacts & Legends

Information for a particular artefact and entities associated with it are found on its talk page [which was probably a bad idea and I should try to pull those back here]. Also update banners are posted on pages that need to be updated due to this book. Only general references are included here, plus those red links pulled back here from the artefact's discussion page.

Chronicle of the Cantorian Spring; Eltembren; Conerica

Aquatic Adventures

  • Artwork for existing pages: devilfish [A cover, A IBC]; ship [A 2, A 4], sea serpent [A 2], sahuagin [A 2, A 20, A 23]; winterwight [A 4]; longship [A 4]; ice troll [A 7], Rask Skyblood [A 7], shaman [A 7]; aboleth [A 8]; gillman [A 8, A 29]; Mordant Spire elf [A 11, 39]; dragon turtle [A 15]; swashbuckler [A 19], pirate [A 19, A 23]; barbarian [A 23], merfolk? [A 20]; longsword [A 31]; munavri [A 35]; Safuki Sixblades [A 41], sorcerer [A 41]; shark [A 42, art is on wiki]; Tian [A 47, art is on wiki]; sea snake [A 50]
See also: Category:Artwork from Aquatic Adventures

Castles of the Inner Sea

  • Artwork for existing pages: Hellknight [A cover]; Uskara Olym [A 8]; Captain Thaum Gauntwood [A 10]; Lord Malyas [A 18], vampire [A 18, A 20], antipaladin [A 18]; Cvotgar Haas [A 20], dhampir [A 20]; Baelim the Black [A 38]; Altaresh Xisira [A 58]; Lona Orames [A 60]; Ugmitok [A 50], spear [A 50]; polar bear [A 48]; Lictor Severs “Boneclaw” DiViri [A 28]; Mistress of Blades Maidrayne Vox [A 30]; Hellfast [A 33]
See also: Category:Artwork from Castles of the Inner Sea

Chronicle of the Righteous (sourcebook)

Concordance of Rivals (sourcebook)

  • Artwork for existing pages: Pharasma / the Survivor [A 2, A 4], protean [A 4, A 32], psychopomp [A 4, A 35], inevitable [A 4, A 31, A 36], aeon [A 4, A 26]; all the holy symbols of the demigods discussed [A]; Ceyannan [A 7]; Imot [A 9]; Narakaas [A 13]; The Pale Horse [A 15]; Ssila'meshnik [A 17]; Valmallos [A 19]; Ydajisk [A 21]; pleroma [A 24]; axiomite [A 29]; paracletus [A 26]; arbiter [A 31]; voidworm [A 32]; nosoi [A 35, A 43 and art is on wiki]; dwarf [A 41]; gnome [A 43 and art is on wiki], summoner [A 43 and art is on wiki]; proctor [A 44 and probably A 41], axe [A 44]; Groetus [A 49]; agnoia [A 53]; rokyamut [A 55]; akizendri [A 56]; ibshaunet [A 58]; morbai [A 59]; fulgati [A 61]; Tabris [A 62 probably]
  • Unrecognised artwork: ?dragon [A 23]; ? [A 38 and art is on wiki]; ? [A 41]; ?proteans, but many creatures and ?Boneyard as location [A 50]
See also: Category:Artwork from Concordance of Rivals

Construct Handbook

Artwork for existing pages: adamantine golem [A cover, A IBC, A 50]; quantium golem [A cover, A IBC]; Sidrah Imeruss [A IFC]; Toth Bhreacher [A IFC]; golem [A 2, A 6]; hammer [A 5]; book [A 5]; magic [A 6]; gnome [A 9]; familiar [A 9, A 12]; elf [A 11 and artwork is on wiki]; eidolon [maybe?? A 11, and artwork is on wiki]; goblin [A 20]; dogslicer [A 20, A 32]; familiar [A 25]; staff [A 25]; clockwork goblin [A 32]; pistol [A 33]; terraformer robot [A 37]; ice golem [A 39]; clockwork soldier [A 40]; halberd [A 40]; enlightened construct [A 40]; dragonhide golem [A 43]; inubrix golem [A 45]; sand golem [A 47]; haunted construct [A 48]; scarecrow [A 48]; gearsman [A 53]; recycled construct [A 53]; chainsaw [A 55]; octopod mechanic drone [A 57]; clockwork mage [A 58]; annihilator robot [A 60]

Unrecognised artwork: ?Golemworks [A 4]; large construct, maybe a robot? [A 9]; ???construct, ???half-elf, class/archetype??? [A 15]; automaton type [A 20]; person [A 25]

See also: Category:Artwork from Construct Handbook

Elements mentioned but adding no material to the wiki: sculpture; pottery; clock [A 9]; headband; diadem; oil; necklace; crystal; unguent; tremorsense; electricity; heavy crossbow [A 29]; arrow; ammunition; tattoo; siege weapon; ballista; bolt [A 29, A 53]; hourglass [A 33]; bullet; key [A 35]; steel; heavy repeating crossbow / repeating crossbow [A 53]; buzz saw [A 55]; hypersonic rifle [A 55]; laser pistol [A 57]; plasma lance [A 60]; chain gun [A 60]

hat of disguise; bless; commune; prayer (spell); resurrection; fireball; alarm; mage's private sanctum; secret chest; make whole; aura sight; detect undead; fortification (armour special ability); fly (spell); possession (spell); crushing hand; geas/quest; heal (spell), stoneskin, wish, gentle repose, major creation, resist energy, telekinesis (spell); animate dead, bleed, cure critical wounds; limited wish; incendiary cloud; see invisibility; contagion; false life; lesser geas; blade barrier; grease (spell); keen edge; water breathing; thoughtsense; create greater undead; form of the dragon I / form of the dragon; flesh to stone; stone shape; flame strike; spell turning; polymorph any object; prismatic spray; chill touch; cone of cold; ice storm; air walk; enervation; minor creation; rusting grasp; cloudkill; sequester; volcanic storm; energy drain; trap the soul; move earth; horrid wilting; poison (spell); silent image; cat's grace; invisibility (spell); locate object; disable construct; lightning bolt; suggestion; force hook charge; shatter; mirror image; plane shift; detect magic; magic missile; true seeing; tongues; banishment; power word stun; reverse gravity; prismatic wall; time stop (spell); ghost touch (weapon special ability); hold person; web; chain lightning; wall of force; flaming (weapon special ability); wind wall; dimension door; blur; invisibility purge; ethereal jaunt; burning hands; slow; animate rope; cure light wounds; cure moderate wounds; wood shape; cure serious wounds; ghost sound; heroism; sleep; bull's strength; greater heroism; gust of wind; magic circle; mind thrust IV / mind thrust I / mind thrust II / mind thrust III / mind thrust IV / mind thrust V / mind thrust VI / mind thrust; mind probe; mindlink; mental block; dimensional lock; mass synaesthesia / mass synesthesia; antimagic field; telekinetic storm; power word kill; awaken construct;eagle's splendour / eagle's splendor; greater possession; transmute metal to wood; rage; aqueous orb; hydraulic torrent; soften earth and stone; transmute mud to rock; transmute rock to mud; move earth; searing light; regeneration; dispel evil; dispel law; fog cloud; dismissal; pyrotechnics; dispel magic; shocking grasp;scorching ray; baleful polymorph; stinking cloud; contagion; magic jar; blink; deep slumber; minor image; inflict moderate wounds; dimensional anchor; repulsion; greater invisibility; shout; lesser globe of invulnerability / globe of invulnerability; hold monster; greater dispel magic; disintegrate; crushing despair; antilife shell; harm; eyebite

Demons Revisited

  • Artwork: frontispiece artwork and monster NPC artwork are related to main chapter subject.
    • Other artwork: balor [A cover]; summoning [A 3]; seven-pointed spiral of the sign of the Abyss [A 3; see p20]; Mangvhune, The Temple Hill Slasher [A 9]; boggard [A 22]; marilith's weapons [A 37]; Kaltestrua [A 39]; succubus [A 55]; vrock spores [A 61]
    • Not determined: [A 7]; [A 13]; [A 25]; [A 31]; [A 49]
  • General: mythic demon

Specific demons:

Dragons Unleashed

Other Known Dragons p. 3: Lady Tula Belhaim; Mount Thaharak; Dragon King

  1. Aashaq [A 2 ?probably; A 4]: Sanctum of the Sorrowmaker [A 7], Fellhope Channel, City of Pain [A 7], Professor Eirostolz, ruby
  2. The Brazen Clutch [A 9]: Garden of Unearthly Delights [A 11], Snarling Sands tribe, Magden, Vyraxis (Inferno), Assarriah (Sirocco), Kharumm (Scorpion), Chalis, Enyi, Washiyeh, Ugrandis Shah
  3. Deyrubrujan [A 13]: Hidden Nest [A 15], Song of the Dawning Star, Sarvenaz, Peyvand, Vahid, dreamstone, marhad, Kimiya
  4. Eranex the Fey-Marked [A 17]: Eranex's Lair [A 19], Silverstep, Garish Goblet, Orsig, Herrketa, Duskdraw Fall, Perkei, Ebana, Glimmer Sisters
  5. Fahrauth [A 21]: Fahrauth's Lair [A 23], Ugothogo, Syremal
  6. Garaudhilyx [A 25]: Garaudhilyx's Lair [A 27], Ephreesia, Rontu, Feryger, Aerielle, Xania
  7. Maghara [A 29]: Guidestar of Desna [A 31], Farthing, Keltran Fain, Fortune
  8. Moschabbatt [A 33]: Blood of the Mountain [A 35], geology, metallurgy, Metalworking for Warfare, Hollyhall of Maheto, House Taggun, Tarkdok Manyspears
  9. Rezlarabren [A 37]: Rezlarabren's Lair [A 39], Vesta, Greta, and Freida, Gurlch, Alta Cheim, Ellin Brinde
  10. Seryzilian [A cover, A IBC, A 41]: Baallalota [A 43], Blackearth clan, Adderpool, Alasonci Blackearth, Clanliege Lesaul Blackearth, Queen of Baallalota, Burieloc, Jalaches, and Urulu, Alasonci, Shivel Blackearth, Saluleia Blackearth, Ryellos Kai the Firefly Prince, Pol Shatter Tongue, Lesaul's Cabin, Sanctuary of Fangs, Vault of the Mothers, Path of Dead Gods, Seryzilian's Cenote
  11. Sjohvor [A 45]: Sjohvornor [A 47], Skaldreg, Drakeplague, Bresolix
  12. Sonthonax [A 49]: Sonthonax's Lair [A 51], Anda Bellas, Augustan Philo, Zira Stetos
  13. Toishihebi, the Whetstone Snake; Hiyuke [A 53]: Ruins of Uddo [A 55], Uddo, Ashen Watch, Kamiteki River, shogun, Teikoku Takeru, Shogokabe, Matsukanmuri, Teikoku necropolis, Battle of Eight Bridges, sotogata (NB: real-world term too)
  14. Tuan Huy [A 57], Xa Hoi/Inh: Tuan Huy's Temple [A 59] also called "The Dragon Temple", Majapahit Island, religion, karma (NB: real-world term too), Kullan Dei Mountains, Order of the Poisoned Fang, elixir of truth, Court of the Dragon King, Dragon King, emperor cobra, xtabay
  15. Zedoran [A 61]: Pit of Zedoran [A 63], myceloid, simulacrum, fungus, shimmer moss (could be placed on Hazards of Golarion), ivory, diamond, onyx, emerald, quartz, bronze

Dungeons of Golarion

Initial artwork: sinspawn [A cover, AIBC]; ? [A 3]

See also: Category:Artwork from Dungeons of Golarion
Savith's Tomb
Candlestone Caverns [A 6, A 11]
Gurnus Strongarm; Vald Norgir; Norgir's Ruin; trap [A 8]
Gallowspire [A 16, A 19]
Tar-Baphon [A 14]; ? [A 19]; Naraga; gallowdead [A 22]; Great Seal [A 20]; Gildais; Istravek; Crying Kings; Starving Lord; Blood Talon
Hollow Mountain [A 24, A 26, A 29]
battering blast; ranseur [A 30]; Lord Narses Urestus Chauntney; Gongorina; Balravnus; neothelid [A 24]; Uraimira; Migorgolok
Pyramid of Kamaria [A 34, A 36, A 39]
?monster [A 34]; Gem of Dreams; Sword of Khafirum [A 43], Breastplate of Khafirum [A 43], khopesh [A 43], breastplate [A 43]; ?Kamaria [A 40]; dream eater; Nhesset Codex of Pharaohs; Guild of Soothsayers, Seers, and Psychics; Bahram Melesu; Poshment the Sour; Cult of Rovagug Made Visible; Rovagug's Minions; Ungul; Angul Hashessef; Besemmen Robugh; Yemhotep; Naggorim; Sethmose; Nasamaria; Demon cults (Pyramid of Kamaria); Brotherhood of Pestilence; Sisters of Purity; Cult of Birds; Gladiators of Rovagug; Neferbah Markets; Dream Eaters; Brides of Rovagug; Lords Below; Ptesiphon the Unquenchable, Ptesiphon's Fane; Osorrekh the Fearless, Gates of Osorrekh; Dung Pits of Suut; Mines of Kamaria; Great Machine, Forge of Tears; Dread Entry
Red Redoubt of Karamoss [A 44, A 46, A 48]
Shaldan Forizen, the Shaded or Druids of the Shaded (though druids here is in lower case so less likely) or Shaded of Absalom; machine soldier [A 50, this art is on the wiki]; Lipripper goblins; ? [A 53]
Zolurket Mines [A 56, A 58]
deadflesh waraxe; raven bracers [A 63]; undeath ward; ghoul [A 54]; Feast-o'-Marrow, Lord of Zolurket [A 61], scythe [A 61], breastplate [A 61], ghast [A 61], unholy (weapon) [A 61], Glain Stonebrow; Ghoulwar; marrowstone; lazurite ghoul; lazurite elemental; Tibbler Rocksledge, “Tib”; Rotmaw; Corpsebloat; Galgash; Boneshroud; Zzorex; deathless defenders; maggot gas

Fey Revisited

Giants Revisited

  • Artwork
  • Ensure religion section in Giant is updated
Cloud giant
Malindae across the Cloud Kingdoms; Verakas; Orania
Mardatektor = Mardahamman, Huratektor, Nukamman, All-seeing eye, Adoration of the Eye, Tyrants of Ghol-Gan
Fire Giant
Sword of Twilight, Prophecy of Twilight
Frost Giant
Jarl Aefuiren of Clan Rimescythe; Ferric; Valonesse Hergrut, Thryheim, Stormflood Vale
Hill Giant
Artella Nighette & Dange / Yurret Black Pox tribe, Hrugor Gurstweld, Chieftain Ruk Heelcrunch, Queen Boliga Bharsolm
Marsh Giant

Haunted Rookery, animism p35, Frostfire Fen, Oozlosh

Rune Giant

Bagar Iramoli, Aganhei: Stories of the Distant East, Kurosho, Aeikerr, Malziarax

Stone Giant

Conna the Wise, Rune Road, Jorgenfist, Rahstalshan

Storm Giant

Herra Blindfellow, Plunder's Delight; Arrelious Palamara, Baid Asif, Tjong, Elali, Asiata & Eloeleh, Genet Storaasli, Scyld Hranni

Taiga Giant

Kedder Benstot, Durstwood Lumber Company, bloodstone impaler, Gaarjuk Hills, White Woods of Malarkhan probably White Wood of Malarkhan for consistency elsewhere, Kanotiq Blacktusk, Atiq Harhara, Tanaq Mammoth-Eater

Heaven Unleashed

  • Artwork for existing pages: angel [A cover, A 4], Asmodeus [A cover]; lantern archon [A 2], Third Record-Lord Ambrethiel [A 2]; Heaven [A 4, A 7], maybe astral deva [A 4]; movanic deva [A 9], longsword [A 9]; greatsword [A 12]; couatl [A 23], half-celestial [A 23]; Penshi [A 26], choral angel [A 26]; cassisian angel [A 31]; planetar [A 38]; Maelstrom [A 42]; paladin [A 57], full plate [A 57]; hound archon [A 60]; cloak of resistance [A 60]
    • Other artwork: empyrean [A cover]; (NB: [A 1] same as [A 42])
See also: Category:Artwork from Heaven Unleashed

Hell Unleashed

  • Artwork for existing pages: pit fiend [A cover; A IBC]; Vanchient Lor [A 3]; Dis [A 4], thanadaemon [A 4]; nightmare [A 5], hellmouths [A 5]; imp [A 13]; phistophilus [A 26]; gylou [A 35]; Forked Pyre [A 40, A 43]; Hellknight [A 44]; pit fiend [A 49]; adhukait [A 53]; erinyes [A 57]; deimavigga [A 61]
See also: Category:Artwork from Hell Unleashed

Inner Sea Combat

  • Artwork for existing pages: ettin [A cover and A IBC], flail [A cover and A IBC], Bloodworks [A cover and A IBC]; orc [A 2; artwork is on wiki]; Aldori swordlord [?A 8, A 10], Aldori duelling sword [?A 8, A 10]; earthbreaker [A 12], Shoanti [A 12]; Hellknight [A 15]; monk [A 20], Houses of Perfection [A 20]; Wasp Queens [A 25], elf [A 25]; Crusader War College [A 26]; Pure Legion enforcer [A 33]; Ulfen Guard (prestige class) [A 35]; halfling [A 41]; ice troll [A 48]
See also: Category:Artwork from Inner Sea Combat

Inner Sea Bestiary

Soris Delyn; Account of Ostog the Unslain; Graven Guard of Taldor, Golisfar, Cesandra Dayne; Catalogue of Last Days; Joyful Things

Inner Sea Magic

Inner Sea Monster Codex

Paizo names all its illustrative 'monsters' in this book with descriptive titles, for instance, 'minotaur marauder', 'labyrinth guardian', etc.. It is assumed here that, unless there is evidence to the contrary like for a centaur greenspeaker, that these titles have no meaning on Golarion and thus do not need double square bracketing.

Inner Sea NPC Codex [WIP]

  • Artwork: Front cover - many; Red Mantis assassin [A 2]

Inner Sea Taverns

  • Artwork for existing pages: alcoholic beverages [A throughout]; trident [A 47]; ? [A 54]; gearsman [A 31]; android [A 30f.]; clockwork servant [A 31]; monkey [A 14]; tea [A 29]; fire in the hole [A 21], kill-devil rum [A 21]
See also: Category:Artwork from Inner Sea Taverns

Inner Sea Temples

  • Artwork for existing pages: glabrezu [A cover, A IBC]; Rector Shakrenistre [A 11]; High Priestess Saphira [A 21]; halfling [A 22]; Abadar [A 25]; Pharasma [A 35]; ahmuuth [A 41]; dagger [A 41]; Sarenrae [A 44]; scimitar [A 53]; elf [A 61], warpriest [A 61]
See also: Category:Artwork from Inner Sea Temples

Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter

Isles of the Shackles

  • There may be multiple references to the subject throughout the book so search for data for any article
  • All 'regions' need the Region template and the Shackles navbox added appropriately if not done so already
  • All Bestiary monsters need a page: dread gholdako
  • Chickcharney curse (46); Seaside rot disease (49); Lusca venom (53)
  • black kelp beer (14) [has own page at Drowned Dwarf's beer]; Bagog's Roundhouse liquor (19)
  • Artwork: Filthy Lucre [A 5]; Aashaq the Annihilator [A 19] (incomplete)
Articles Required

Kuru surrogate; Holaux the Gaunt; Libera; Bag Mandate; Straits of Balthus; Quent Bay; Spendthrift Ridge; Sahuagin Coast; Deluged God; Ella Wache; Baydac Falls; Holy Labors; Straits of Aashaq; Pelanquelle; Pendahl of Rahadoum; Benna; Kwasi; Themba; Foul Margot; Knotbeard; Yacoobe the Hermit; Cohol; Rocks of Fate; Pence Berua; Blue Brio; kobukson; Kazumi Nanbatwa; Alahandra Boisich; Rockbogger; Luisa Boisich; Baillie Heskott; Arena (Widowmaker Isle); One-Eyed Aethyl; Salty Chuzek; Dagoros Wildrum; Carnival of Kurgess; Clearing Moon; Culp's Menagerie; Goblin Isles; Squidwhistlers; Reefrunner; Moluune Parapet; Onokin; Vaelyn; Kellan Dennas; Bregadie Culp; Haekin, Jernai; Butcher's Rock; Louxus Baern


Weeping Trident; Fiend of the Waves; Gozreh's Knuckles; Desperation (ship); Inscrutable Destiny; Scarlet Skies; Howl (ship)

The Map

Island of the Black Tower; Moluune Parapet; Garnet Island; Vaelyn & Kellan (NB Kel on map but that is wrong); Island of Empty Eyes; Culp's Menagerie; Dagon's Jaws; Bonewrack Isle; Halabad Kora; Straits of Balthus; Sahuagin Coast

Lands of Conflict

  • Artwork: ? [A 35]; Bloodsworn Roses [A 38]; ? [A 48]; ? [A 52]; ? [A 55]; ? [A 56]; handaxe [A 58] & other weapons?
    • Existing pages: Molthuni Imperial Army [A cover, A 2, A 6, A 30, A 46], halberd [A cover], Nirmathi Army [A cover, A 2, A 30]; Fangwood [A 2], ?Chernasardo Rangers [A 2]; Markwin Teldas‎ [A 8]; Breanth Aliskel [A 10], fighter [A 10], cavalier [A 10]; Canorate [A 14 map]; Korholm [A 14 map]; oracle [A 16]; Tamran [A 18, A 28 map]; Weslen Gavirk [A 20], ranger [A 20]; Crowstump [A 22 map]; Crystalhurst [A 24 map]; Skelt [A 27], dwarf [A 27]; Trilmsgitt Towers [A 36]; diviner [A 43]; Kiashach [A 44], shadow giant [A 44], brawler [A 44]; General Hakar? [A 46]; axe [A 58], hammer [A 58]
See also: Category:Artwork from Lands of Conflict

NB: in this book material is scattered throughout, so need to check whole book before element is completed

Lost Kingdoms

NB: please search the entire book as elements are sometimes mentioned in different places

Abendego Gulf—Lirgen & Yamasa
Ancient Osirion
Jistka Imperium

Mystery Monsters Revisited


Carmella Gallatin; Arctic bunyip, Muck bunyip, Oceanic bunyip; Old Wulunga, Harisha


Noretha Neta; Kabanzi; Lucovus; Papa Chupar

Death worm

Old Man Dolgyar, Goblin's Knuckle; The Three Foolish Sisters; Ellsret; Orshok the Red


River Still, Julanga tribe; Shell-Bearers tribe; Lake Hirilaka


Berlbur Drogstout, Lady Eiredor, Reeve Vaterhal, In Search of Prophecy; Phadarael; Mothman elder

Sandpoint Devil

Agatha Leeds; Krolneck; Lirra; Wat Kyript


Lerinda Trundle; Verrod Ormon; Nyseza Nysvinya; Paakis-si

Sea Serpent

Captain Japestei, Young Orsolya, The Chronicles of Captain Orsolya Wintergripe; Serpentine Lodge, Captain Ahrana Mullorn, Ashen Worm; Old Sline, Serpent of Two Mouths, Black Void; Olgera

Water orm

Piri Calihazsci; Lake Creature of the Grim Mire, Grim Mire, the Thing in the Loch, the Hrasfyeld Serpent of the Ironbound Fjords, Ironbound Fjords; Fetid God; Stjallberg Serpent, Spear (mountain), Thysfregnn the Pale Queen; Wild Bore Shepherd; Mistress of the Fen


Chensler, Talina Peren; Ogtuk tribe; Azure Scream; Qaishan, Qaishan yeti

Mythical Monsters Revisited

Artwork front cover is Chimera; Griffon [A3]; Legendary chimera [A9]; Karadoon [A21]; Harpy musk [A25]; Eygreas [A45]

Chimera [A4], [A7]

4: Borrek Kreshug

Couatl [A10]

14 Utala; Malihi Mzogi / Jua Mfuasi; Mola Jushujaa [A15]

Griffon [A16]

16: Merindra Thavesen 20: Plankeye;

Harpy [A22]

22: Marcellus Caranian 27: Undrella [A27]

Hydra [A28], [A30]

32: Dhirgiska [A33] 31: Yargouth the Ebon Fury

Kraken [A34]

kraken crown [A37] 38: Zhanagorr; Jegradin; Thrikritar; Indigo Engine; 39: Qwoshokk [A39]; Cholcorite Mechanism

Medusa [A40]

40: Cryssias Berylia 44f.: Thiralia

Phoenix [A46], [A48]

46: Commander Malina Ashimari 50f.: the Firesong; Embriax; Pyralisia [A51]; Garidor

Sphinx [A52], [A54]

57: Akilep [A57]

Wendigo [A58]

62: Greinar; Kalek; Aridus [A63] 63: Jalari Zafikiri

Nidal, Land of Shadows

Artwork for existing pages: Adowyn [A cover (on wiki) but A IBC (clean version)]; Lem [A cover (on wiki) but A IBC (clean version)]; umbral dragon [A cover (on wiki) but A IBC (clean version); A 50]; Nidal [A IFC map]; Nisroch [A IFC map]; Tower of Slant Shadows [A IFC map]; Pangolais [A IFC map; A 27 map]; Shadow Caverns [A IFC map]; Ridwan [A IFC map; A 31 map]; Citadel Gheisteno [A IFC map]; Crosspine [A IFC map]; Kellid [A 4]; horse [A IFC; A 4]; Virihane [A 8]; caligni [A 8]; bow [A 8]; Zon-Kuthon [A 10]; bard [A 19]; book [A 19]; Kialuk [A 20]; qallupilluk [A 20]; dark naga [A 23]; Feylanthe of the Shadowmoor [A 24]; half-elf [A 24]; cleric of Zon-Kuthon [A 24]; wizard [A 24; A 40]; mystic theurge [A 24]; shadow giant [A 34]; Auriloch [A 40]; mesmerist [A 47]; medium [A 48]; Garundi [A 48]; Guild of Liars [A 48]; slavery [A 50]; Visceroth [A 50]; halfling [A 53]; bard [A 53]; hive brute [A 56]; Joyful Thing [A 57]; suffragan [A 59]; velstrac [A 59]; shadow animal [A 54; A 61]; lion [A 61]; smokeshade [A 63]

See also: Category:Artwork from Nidal, Land of Shadows

NB: many items have information throughout the book so a search will be needed to incorporate all information.

Nidal navbox additions: Icebow Bridge [A IFC; A 21]; Blacksulfur Pool - likely alt. name for Blacksulfur Pond in navbox => needs redirect; Auginford [A 16]; Ombrefell Forest as redirect to Ombrefell; Lorra's Hollow as redirect to Stormhollow; Stormhollow [A 36 and artwork is on wiki]

Ridwan navbox additions: Shadowflame Rift & Shadowflame Cathedral have art on wiki: File:Shadowflame Rift.jpg

Elements mentioned but adding no material to the wiki: steel; harp; poetry; spiked chain [A 10; A 57]; acid; metal; tattoo; moonstone; onyx; smoky quartz / quartz; dance; insect; brimstone; sculpture; liquid ice; crystal; obsidian; jewellery; ivory; bell; basalt; marble; parchment; architecture; mirror; lantern; sundial; perfume; dye; leather; wagon; insect; wand; puzzle box; song; bracelet; necklace; brass

levitate; mage hand; bane; cause fear; darkness; crushing despair; hold person; mirror image; detect thoughts; gust of wind; alarm; plant growth; daylight; light (spell)

Numeria, Land of Fallen Stars

  • Artwork: Numeria [A IFC map]; Gearsman [A cover & A IBC; A 5]; ? [A 2]; Aaramor [A 8]; zhen worm [A 10]; Kevoth-Kul [A 21]; Xol-Nomag [A 31]; Urgo Axbiter [A 35]; hill giant [A 35]; ghost [A 42]

Gazetteer (see red links in attached template too)

Plots & Peril


Occult Bestiary

  • Artwork: each monster has artwork on its own page and that is not called out here; only artwork elsewhere is documented.
See also: Category:Artwork from Occult Bestiary

Occult Mysteries

  • Artwork: Djavin Vhrest [A 2], imp [A 2]; Apsu [A 4], Dahak [A 4] probably; ?Torag [A 9]; gnome [A 11]; ?Durvin Gest [A 15]; Professor Tantis Mais [?A 21]; Arodeth [?A 27]; harrow deck [A 43]; pain taster, [A 47], drow [A 47]; grave candle [A 55];
  • Unknown artwork: ghosts? [A cover]; ? [A 16]; ? [A 34]
See also: Category:Artwork from Occult Mysteries

Osirion, Legacy of Pharaohs

Paths of Prestige

Planes of Power

  • Artwork for existing pages: earth elemental [A cover / IBC]; cloud dragon [A 12]; swashbuckler [A 15], sylph [A 15]; ice mephit [A 16], sorcerer [A 16, A 26]; djinni [A 19], Sussurran Palace [A 19]; shaitan [A 22]; dwarf [A 25], fighter [A 25], skald [A 25]; xorn [A 26]; ship [A 30], efreeti [A 32], whip [A 32]; fish [A 40], whale [A 40], mermaid [A 40]; Sahuagin [A 43], trident [A 43]; marid [A 44], oracle [A 44]; veldenar [A 50]; Ymeri [A 55]; spear [A 59]; ozimat [A 62]
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Tombs of Golarion

  • Artwork: [A cover] any ideas?? (incorporeal undead obviously; don't think it is related to any of the 6 tombs in the book; imagery on tomb wall is indistinct; note incorporeal animal forms on creature; crown is a little Ustalavic????)
    • Existing pages: cairn wight [A 11]; nuckelavee [A 12], rapier [A 12]; scimitar [A 17]; duergar [A 24], lance [A 24], giant spider [A 24], worm that walks [A 33], light hammer [A 33]; flesh golem [A 38]; calikang [A34]; elf [A 41]; magus [A 51]; juju zombie [A 59]; cannibal [A 61]
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Towns of the Inner Sea

  • Artwork: ? [A 3]; Avid Arnsen [A 11]; Temple of Iomedae (Falcon's Hollow) [A 14 probably]; Cutyard [A 14 probably]; Vamros Harg [A 18]; Laurel Gebre [A 19]; Deldrin Baleson [A 20]; Ulizmila [A 21]; Thuldrin Kreed [A 23]; crossbow [A 23]; Esrelda Woodmere [A 28]; Vea Semere [A 29]; Ilsur [A 31]; Vedra Sawndannac [A 38]; Amalia Wraxton [A 43]; Hazic Kel-Kalaar [A 48]; Erilene Finch [A 49]; Gamar Deshta [A 50]; Asweya Stiyo [A 51]; Chanar Cynore [A 53]; Halgra [A 58]; Jess Meeson [A 59]; Silvermane [A 60]; Chief Kroghut [A 61]; Jagrin Grath [A 63]
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Undead Revisited

Undead Unleashed

The Worldwound

NB: Many of the elements listed here may have multiple references throughout the book and not just the reference in which they are listed below.