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This page contains spoilers for the following products: Age of Ashes (adventure path).
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Articles Required

To document notes on-line from reading Paizo Pathfinder Adventure Paths showing articles that need creating or modifying due to material found in the sourcebooks. Articles requiring major updates should get a {{U}} template applied to their 'Discussion' page. The listing of data here should in no way imply that Fleanetha is going to do this work. Any help creating / amending these articles would be most appreciated by all.

These notes are not comprehensive and, especially, do not include notes on the actual adventures, as I am likely to play in this AP eventually. Until played, I shall not be reading the adventure section or any other spoiler-rich sections, but any sections not included are clearly marked below. For some of those 'missing' sections there may be a simple listing of the items included, for instance, the people in the NPC Galleries, but any other detail contained within the article cannot be included.

[A 1] => artwork for that subject is found on p. 1 of the book.

Age of Ashes

Age of Ashes Player's Guide

  • Artwork (most probably elsewhere in AP books): Breachill [A 7, map A 10], Monument Circle [A 7], Breach Creek [A 7]
    • Unknown: ?dragon [A cover]; ?undead [A cover, A 2]; ?dwarf [A 2]; ?birds [A 7]
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Age of Ashes Poster Map Folio

Pathfinder 145: Hellknight Hill (adventure)

NOT DONE: Adventure, NPC Gallery, Campaign Outline

Existing-page artwork:

See also: Category:Artwork from Hellknight Hill
  • Cover:
  • IFC:
  • Foreword:
  • Adventure:
  • Bestiary:
  • Campaign Outline:
  • IBC: