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I just wanted to thank everyone for their efforts in making the Anniversary Editing Contest a success. The contest was the brainchild of Brandingopportunity and Yoda8myhead (my understanding is that they conspired about it one day over coffee). Cpt kirstov quickly volunteered a very generous prize of a set of miniatures to recreate the scene on the front of the Core Rulebook. Yoda8myhead also managed to wrangle a trio of gift certificates from the good folks at Paizo. A group of us went back and forth on the format, judging criteria and timing for the contest, going so far as to consult with Wikia staff about their experiences with contests.

Finally the day came, and the edits began to trickle in. As the month wore on contributions began to come in with pleasing regularity. I hope our new contributors had fun. I know that for me, it's great to watch people learn the ropes of editing. Figuring out how to format text and links, struggling to comprehend how citations work, and eventually cranking out edits with seeming ease. I also hope that our new friends will continue to contribute as their time allows.

I want give special thanks to contributors that only made a few edits. It's easy to perceive value in people whole make a dozen edits a day, but I firmly believe that every edit counts. Every time a spelling error is fixed, and every time somebody fixes my grammar the wiki gets better. Like Lini, Lem, Harsk, and Jamus say, the smallest things can make the biggest difference.

As a final thank you, I've created a couple of userboxes for participants to add to their user pages. If you're new to userboxes, have a look at the code at the top of my user page for an example of how to use them. While you're at it, check out the other userboxes we have available to decorate you user page with.

For all participants:

Edit contest ribbon This chronicler participated in the Pathfinder Wiki 2nd Anniversary Editing Contest.

For our prize winners:

Edit contest winner ribbon This chronicler was a winner in the PathfinderWiki 2nd Anniversary Editing Contest.