Urdul Bazzak

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Urdul Bazzak

Black Marquis
Source: Guide to the River Kingdoms, pg(s). 42

Urdul Bazzak is the ruler of the River Kingdoms land known as the Protectorate. He has styled himself the Black Marquis, so the Protectorate is currently known as the Protectorate of the Black Marquis.


Urdul seized control in 4707 AR at a time when the region was in chaos—the settlements of Deadbridge, Bodie's Haunt and Farhaven each had their own marquis. At the time, Bazzak had no position of authority, but he took it upon himself to make a deal with his homeland of Numeria. In return for military support to destroy Bodie's Haunt, he agreed to award the Numerians a reduced toll on the Sellen River. The Numerians slaughtered the inhabitants of Bodie's Haunt, and Deadbridge and Farhaven were warned that they were next in line for similar treatment. Capitulating to his demands, the Protectorate was soon united under Bazzak, the new Black Marquis and chief enforcer of the Pirate Pact.1


Bazzak is a fat little man whose pirating days are long past him, although he still organises many of the pirates' raids, as he has extensive knowledge of the river systems and shipping routes. He lives in a rundown mansion in Deadbridge.23


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