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Champion of Gluttony
Source: Ice Tomb of the Giant Queen, pg(s). 63

Ungarato was the champion of Runelord Zutha and wielder of the sword that bears his name.1


Ungarato is an icy graveknight clad in hides harvested from countless battles.1


Ungarato was born among the Kellid tribes of northern Gastash, who were frequent victims of Runelord Goparlis' raids for flesh and souls in his experiments in necromancy. At a young age, Ungarato was destined to be the mightiest warrior of his age and transform his people into an unstoppable force, and true enough, he quickly started defeating mighty beasts and performing extraordinary feats. When he reached adulthood, Ungarato went into the wilderness, and after five years, he returned with two white dragons who called him master, and representatives from nine nearby tribes who swore to aid him against the tyranny of Thassilon.1

When Ungarato heard of Goparlis' Alara'hai being transported to Xin-Gastash, he led a raid from the northern Kodar Mountains and stole it, letting the survivors know his name. Upon learning that the Kellids had defied him, Runelord Goparlis refused to accept failure. He sent army after army to retrieve the sword, and never succeeded. Eventually, Ungarato fell in battle, but rose as a graveknight infused with the sword's power. His strongest warriors followed him into undeath, impaling themselves upon the sword so they could fight for him forever.1

When Zutha overthrew Goparlis, Ungarato travelled to Xin-Gastash and spoke to him, offering to return the sword in exchange for the corpse of Goparlis to settle his people's oath. Zutha made a counter-offer, allowing Ungarato to keep both the sword and the corpse if he were to serve as his personal champion; Ungarato accepted, and served Zutha until Earthfall. In order to avoid Earthfall, Zutha split his phylactery, the Gluttonous Tome, into three pieces and tasked Ungarato with guarding one of them until his return. According to an oral folk story, Ungarato was defeated some time in the Age of Darkness or Age of Legend, but it has never been confirmed whether he was destroyed or not, or what became of the Gluttonous Tome piece that he kept.12


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