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Titles Linnorm King
Race/Species Human (Ulfen)
Gender Male
Homeland Lands of the Linnorm Kings
Born fl. -473 AR

Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 203 (1E)
Path of Kings, pg(s). 3 (2E)

Ulvass was a Linnorm King and explorer who founded the Ulfen colony of Valenhall on Arcadia.[1][2]


In -473 AR, Ulvass heard the call of Valenhall, which called him across the Arcadian Ocean and described a place of endless glory. When he set out across the ocean to find Valenhall, reality and legends diverged. Skalds sing that Ulvass found hitherto-unknown glory, knowledge, and treasure in Valenhall and built a mighty hold for Ulfen warriors to come to die in an earthly paradise, fighting glorious battles by day, and participating in great feasts by night, and that Ulvass still lives in eternal bliss.[1]

In truth, Ulvass stopped hearing the call once he stepped foot on Arcadia, where he only found a dangerous frontier. Without resources to come back home, Ulvass and his companions established a village called Port Valen, from where Ulvass continued his search until his death.[1]


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